Ahwaz official national flag and legitimate

العلم الوطني الأحوازي الذي اقره المجلس الوطني الأحوازي - The National flag of Al-Ahwaz

The  Flag of Ahwaz


O Ahwazi people, if you are not free people of a free nation, so, freedom of the united nations are Shame on you

The text of the National Council of Ahwaz in its charter as a national form and the national flag of Ahwaz. The National Assembly of Ahwaz (NAOA) is the Ahwazi parliament in exile which is the highest legislative authority of the leadership of the Ahwazi Arab people and the Ahwazi revolution. This is statement of the Legislative Resolution: (The founding conference of the National Assembly of Ahwaz has approved the form of official flag of Ahwaz in conformity with the Arab Flag - flags of the Arab States and the Flag of the Great Arab Revolution - measured and forms contain three horizontal rectangles are from the top: Green, White, and the back. The black is beginning from the left side contains a red triangle on the crescent and star figure eight white color that stands for the number of revolutions of the people of Ahwaz mediated triangle. ) >> Updated information on the flag of Ahwaz


Anthem of Ahwaz