Who are we?

The name of God Almighty, on behalf of the Arab people of Ahwaz, and on behalf of the Arab nation, we demand our rapist right of Ahwaz. In the name of the right, we demand our usurped right. In the name of the history, we demand our denied and seized. In the name of crushed human rights in Ahwaz, we call to get it liberated from the shackles of injustice, terrorism, dictatorship and Persian colonialism. In the name of the Arab people of Ahwaz we demand our confiscation rights. In the name of Arabic pride, we declare the Ahwazi Arabic Reveloution until recovering the last inch of the Ahwazi land. In the name of Ahwaz as people, land, and leadership that is a revolution until the victory, liberation, and independence, God willing.

Ahwaz Flag

The founding conference of the National Assembly of Ahwaz has approved the form of the official flag of the Ahwaz in conformity with the Arab Flag - flags of the Arab States and the Flag of the Great Arab Revolution - as measured by the forms ... More »


Reports and statements of the National Assembly of Ahwaz on issues of Ahwaz, in addition to what is happening in the Middle East crisis ... More »


National Charter of Ahwaz is highest national authority and the Ahwazi revolution- Ahwaz Parliament in exile. This Charter is the fact that national demands and nationalism of the Arab people of Ahwaz, formally and publicly. These demands are historical demands that was taken away by the Iranian by the power of occupation and military invasion ... More »

Assembly Introduction

National Assembly of Ahwaz is the sole legitimate representative of the Arab people of Ahwaz and lead the struggle of independence, sovereignty, and independence of entire land of Ahwaz for its nationalism decision ... More »